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Earth Burial

Earth Burial

With the earth burial you can choose between a spot in a row, a chosen spot or an anonymous burial. To learn more feel free to use our consulting.



During the cremation the deceased will be cremated. Later on the ashe will be burried inside of a casket.

Burial At Sea

Burial at Sea

After the cremation the ashe will be put in a specialized casket and given to the sea. To which sea is for you to decide.

Natural Burial

Natural Burial

You choose a tree under which the cremated body will be burried in an environment-friendly and biodegradable casket.

Diamond Burial

Diamond Burial

If you are interested in diamond or crystal burials, we will advise you only personally.

Worldwide Home Bringing
Home Bringing

Out of reasons of funeral parlour we use coffins for the transportation. Of course all bereaved family members will have the chance to say good bye to the deceased, wherever possible.

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